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PROJECT SAFEGUARD: THREADS OF HOPE AND STITCHING FUTURES is a comprehensive initiative aimed at addressing social challenges related to the involvement of women and children in the sex trade. The project focuses on creating sustainable change by providing alternative employment opportunities in garment factories. Through the development of skills and economic empowerment, Project Renew seeks to uplift vulnerable populations, fostering a community where individuals can break free from exploitative circumstances. The initiative embodies a positive and forward-looking approach, weaving together the fabric of change, hope, and opportunity to build a brighter future for those involved. Read more..

The Circumcision Project at the
Rohingya Refugee Camp Cox Bazaar Bangladesh

School of Rehabilitation

School of Rehabilitation of the brothel children in Doulotdia Rajbari District in Bangladesh.

School of Rehabilitation

Halimatus Sadia (RA) School in Sylhet Bangladesh

School of Rehabilitation

Children's with new books at the Halimatus Sadia School Sylhet Bangladesh

Mosquito Net Distribution

Mosquito Net Distribution in Sylhet Bangladesh

Emergency Food Distribution

Emergency Food Distribution for the Flood Victims of Sunamgonj District of Bangladesh